Matrox’s marketing materials claim the Millennium P is a little less than half as fast as Parhelia in 3D applications, which suggests the Millennium P’s clock speeds are at least a little lower than Parhelia’s. Unlike previous products, it supports Windows Vista Aero acceleration. It remained a niche product, while nVidia and ATI control the majority of the discrete graphics chip market. Also, Matrox only plans to certify drivers for a handful of mechanical computer-aided design MCAD and architecture, engineering, and construction AEC apps, probably because the P is considered an entry-level card. The P has the same pixel pipelines with quad texturing units per pipe, five-stage pixel shaders, and DirectX 9-class vertex shaders as Parhelia, but only half as many of each. Matrox’s web site also provides links to a number of third-party drivers for alternative operating systems.

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The “” suffix refers to the bit ring bus. That’s generally an acceptable tradeoff, because 2D desktop applications don’t use the alpha channel.

The card supports bit per channel DVD playback, too, which should interest those looking to build high-fidelity home theater PCs. Digital video editing milleenium are another target for the P Steam names the best-selling games of Some writers believed Parhelia to have a “crippled” triangle-setup engine that starved the rest of the chip in typical 3D rendering tasks [1].

Matrox Millennium P – AGP 8x 64MB Graphics P75MDDA8X64F B&H

Well, OK, it’s a metal cap. The two chips are nearly identical feature-wise, but the Millennium P has fewer functional units.

In JuneMatrox announced the release of Mmillenium video cards. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.


Matrox’s Millennium P graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 2

Of course, that’s not going to stop us from throwing a few games at the card, but before we get into that, let’s look over some of the P’s features. I’ve been using Glyph Antialiasing for a while now, and matdox definitely a nice feature for anyone who’s staring at on-screen text for hours on end.

Dual DVI output ports bristle from the Millennium P’s back plate, ready to drive a pair of digital flat panels. When Parhelia was released, its DirectX 9-class vertex shaders were ahead of the game, but today 2. Gainward has also offered a dual-DVI GeForce4 Ti in the past, and I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before dual DVI becomes standard for mid-range and high-end consumer graphics cards.

Since TripleHead only supports three monitors via a stretched desktop, it’s completely incompatible with GigaColor. Mattox, it was all a bit of a moot point because Parhelia’s performance was not adequate to drive most DirectX 9-supporting titles well even without more complex shader code weighing the card down.

Because Matrox has traditionally targeted business users, I was a little surprised to see that the P is also positioned in home entertainment market.

Matrox’s Millennium P750 graphics card

After the launch of Parhelia, Matrox released Parhelia-LXwhich supports only bit memory and has only 2 pixel pipelines. The P probably won’t offer much in the way of gaming performance, but a high-quality TV output could make the card attractive for those looking to put together media-centric PCs.

Thus far, Matrox has released a GigaColor viewer for Photoshop, but I’m not aware of any other applications that support the technology. The Parhelia was the first GPU by Matrox p75 be equipped with a bit memory bus, giving it an advantage over other cards of the time in the area of memory bandwidth. Matrox’s web site also provides links to a number of third-party drivers for alternative operating systems. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!


The P’s edge-only fragment antialiasing works at a 16X sample size that all but eliminates jaggies. However, only 2 displays can be controlled independently. However, within a few months after release, the Parhelia was completely overshadowed by ATI ‘s far faster natrox fully DirectX 9.

Much has changed, however, in the four years since the G Max’s release. To give more budget-conscious consumers and businesses a taste of Parhelia’s features at a lower price, Matrox is rolling out the Millennium P The one-half rule also applies in the memory department. The Parhelia remained a niche product, and was Matrox’s last major effort to sell into the consumer market. Clock for clock, the Millennium P should be roughly half as fast as Parhelia, whose core mollenium memory clock speeds are MHz and MHz, respectively.

Matrox Millennium P750 (AGP 8x, 64MB)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. About us Matrod policy Mailing list Mobile. Graphics Previous page Next page. Glyph Antialiasing is gamma corrected, and users can even set their own gamma preference levels for text. Considering the targets Before I get into too much detail on the Millennium P, I should take a moment to highlight Matrox’s target markets for the card.