Opening the tray adds about an inch to depth, but you also need enough clear space in front and back to feed a sheet of paper. When you’re not using it, you can fold the input tray down, for a total height of about 4. You also have the option of getting power over a USB connection to your computer with a second supplied cable, but the scanner will run more slowly. The faster and more accurate BulletScan S duplex color sheetfed scanner with detachable mobile scanner. Mounted in the dock, the scanner takes up about

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However, the similarity doesn’t go much further than that. For a few particularly difficult to bullescan pages, however, it wasn’t quite as capable as Kofax Virtual ReScan VRSwhich is the leading program for digital enhancement, and is bukletscan into the Strobe scan utility. Ask About Free Shipping! The Canon P offers similar capability to the S, but in a smaller, more portable package. Drum scanners provide the highest level of image quality. The S took 2 minutes 54 seconds for the duplex version of the document.

A scanner may cost more due to a lower noise CCD array that delivers cleaner dark colors. The faster and more accurate BulletScan S duplex color sheetfed scanner with detachable mobile scanner. I timed the scan at 9 seconds per page with the power cord and at 14 seconds getting power over the USB cable.


Open the input tray far enough for letter size paper, and the height jumps to just over 9 inches. On the other hand, you may well count the S’s ability to scan to cloud apps as an important convenience.

Become a fan of PCMag. Both are portable, manual-fed document scanners that attach ibina a dock for desktop use, with the dock adding an automatic document feeder ADF. It also handled business cards reasonably well, both in terms of feeding small stacks of cards without problems and in terms of the supplied software recognizing the text on the cards properly. The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing For scanning to an image PDF file, I clocked it at One of the options I needed for testing, for example, was to scan, recognize text, and send it to a Word file.

iVina BulletScan S300

Unfortunately, this happens often enough that it’s important to uvina aware of the workaround. A more important issue is that you can create only six predefined scan definitions for the scan utility, which is extremely limiting. The Strobe is a little more expensive, but it a300 scored better than the S for document management, business cards, and text recognition accuracy. The feature automatically adjusts the scan to remove issues like highlighting and color backgrounds that might otherwise make the page unreadable.


Performance Because the S is both a portable and desktop scanner, I tested it both ways.

iVina BulletScan S – sheetfed scanner – desktop – USB Overview – CNET

You’ll be able to easily scan business cards, receipts, ID cards, photos, and other documents you acquire while traveling. I ran across several minor problems that take some of the shine off of the S The iVina BulletScan S suffers from some minor oversights, but offers fast scans and reasonably capable software that includes the option to scan directly to the bulketscan.

Canon PowerShot G1X You can also scan to other cloud destinations, if you create an appropriate scan definition.

ADF scanner when connected to the docking station. At Copyfaxes, we are always looking to improve our customer’s shopping experience. Without the dock, the scanner itself is 2.

BizCard 6SE for business cards, and a scan utility with an optical character recognition module using Abbyy FineReader. The scanner itself is relatively big and heavy for a portable, at 2. Aside from that issue, however, setting up the S is straightforward. Default set of definitions does not include scanning to an editable text file.

Docking station for desktop bullestcan adds an automatic document feeder.