Head to Toe Select this item when the first and second sides of the document are of the opposite orientation. When split for transmission, set the number of pages. Duplex Kit Allows you to copy or print on both sides of paper. Delete Secure Print Documents Select whether or not to delete secure print documents after the expiry date has expired. This feature is called “E-mail Printing”.

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The [Job Status] screen allows you to print or delete the documents. Left Page Only Copies are made of the left page only.

However, nothing will be printed if user authorization has not taken place. Component Function Duplex automatic Automatically feeds 2 sided originals from a stack. Follow the instructions displayed and remove the jammed paper.

Page Stapler Faults Pd the entire staple sheet including the jammed staple.

For details, refer to the documentation provided with the application. At the same time, the required number of copies for distribution is printed. Xerox, Xerox and Design, Fuji Xerox and Design, as well as CentreWare are The manual describes installation and configuration procedures for print drivers and the.

Fx Apeosport 450 I Ps B Driver Download

A comment is added to the recipient field. Stapler Faults Remove the entire staple sheet including the jammed staple. Address Book 5 Scan Address Book You can specify the server f, login name and other information from the address book. Copying or printing is automatically resumed when paper is supplied. Page 72 3 Copy Corner Shift The document image is shifted to the edges or corners of the paper. Note that recipients to be added to a group must already be stored in the address book.


Rotate 90 Degrees If the original can be rotated and sent without reducing the original image, set whether to automatically rotate the document. Print a few pages to remove the dirt. When placing a call on-hook, we recommend turning the line monitor volume to “Loud”.

Wipe the document glass with a soft cloth moistened apeodport water to remove any dirt, and then wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. You can also specify the size of the paper so that faxes are sent at the same paper size.

Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

Adjust the copy density or image quality, or specify for [Auto Exposure]. Paper Margins Cannot plot as hard clip is Area obtained by area determination mode Communication to whomever, whenever, where ever. Original Type Selecting the Document Type C Finisher optionalAllows you to staple or punch printed or copied documents. On the [All Services] screen, you can select from four scan modes: Page Setup Menu When creating a new mailbox, a password setting screen appears.


Types of paper loaded in trays The machine automatically detects the size and orientation of f paper in trays. Authentication and Auditron Administration The Auditron Administration feature works in conjunction with the Authentication feature.

Documents are not Cause The Finisher is not attached. Copy Mode Settings Output Destination Set the default value of the output destination for printing or copying. The local name is shown in the recipient’s [Activity Report]. Page 16 Problem Solving Cause Paper is jammed. Send Options Furthermore, notify the recipient of the following information for using the F Code method to receive e-mail from the mailbox.

Control Panel Customizing the Screen Default Customize items displayed on the screen when turning the machine on or canceling the power saver mode.