Actually, I had run the Win8 installer first, but I did not have to run it again after the Win7 installer to get the mult-touch working. The pen input is working well, single touch not. So far the technology works in panels up to inches in size. I wonder if the uninstall is actually working properly, because you shouldn’t have to disable any drivers. The video can be viewed at: Sometimes double-tapping with two fingers blacks the screen.

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This was not the case when I initially installed the Windows 8 CP. I relented and had to roll back to version But maybe if N-Trig goes to update only their newer hardware, we might still be able to get it to work on our machines using this trick.

Zooming and panning works just fine.

Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. Tell us about your experience with our site.

N-trig 22-inch MultiTouch touchscreen with pen & finger input

At the end of the install, you’ll need to reboot and then you should have multi-touch working. Rebooted into Windows 7 again just to make sure. Hi, I have the solution! Not that the touch worked at all anyway. If I select the checkbox next to the available hidden update is it going to try and reinstall it again or is it preventing the install? Onedutch, you can correct the zoom in IE by bringing up the charms menu, and pushing Settings. I installed again, nothing, no touch.


Could you show us the version and driver manufacturer you have at the HID section of the Device Manager? I actually performed a driver roll-back and digitkzer worked after restart. Then after a reboot I now have 4 touch djgitizer I just wanted to add that I tried the Vista Multi-touvh driver installation package bit for bit Windows 8 CP and it worked fine. Remove From My Forums.

Interestingly, after trying out the “Refresh Your PC” feature, which uninstalled the Vista Ntrig Duosnese as part of the process, single-touch continued to work.

Despite this message, the uninstall procedure finishes successfully. After running the normal installer i had to reboot twice, once for the firmware and once for the drivers single touch works fine, still no multi-touch though.

But I can live with that. In reply to YvonneZ’s post on May digitizwr, Would like to be wrong however! I ran the full Vista x64 Ntrig driver install package, just to see if it would work it did.


Single-touch is now working fine. The only hope the manufacturer will update the driver soon I have a Dell M that just had single touch working. I had the same problem with my tx2.

Try uninstalling the N-Trig drivers. I would suspect not given what I’ve just experienced?

Windows 10 Update (April 2018) Caused N-Trig Duo Sense Multi-Touch to Stop Working

Duosebse far the technology works in panels up to inches in size. Regarding that Lenovo version, it appears to be a version of the N-Trig software created well before the later version provided to us by dell.

I hope this helps.

I like the Exchange outlook anywhere building option combined with Facebook and Twitter! I did not have to myself; multi-touch began to work right after the reboot at the end of the Win7 install. I then looked for the C: