Thu Sep 11, 3: Thu Sep 11, Wed Sep 10, 5: When we go to customers sites for this kind of high profile work, there is at least one fully capable backup machine on hand and another back home ready to ship out if things really start hitting the fan. USB mice and keyboards work fine though.

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Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Thus, with admin access I dug through the registry to see if the usb flash storage driver had been disabled by a prior group policy. This is not a good day in USB land and my voodoo chanting devic failing me. Trying to run through the list of microsoft updates.

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Thu Sep 11, 3: Strange thing was I couldnt even find the appropriate key! Wed Sep 10, 5: I gave up on the reinstall and told devicr guy to get on a plane and take it back to his IT guys. USB woes on a Latitude D 3 posts.

SYS that the reg key should have pointed to. Austin, TX Registered: Flash drives, USB external hard drives, and confusingly FireWire based external hard disks fail to install when connected to the machine.

We are tied to a state education agency and he comes from the federal gov so us installing our. But the contractor is billing out in the range of thousands of dollars per day, so being down for a reinstall of windows along with all of his support applications, of which we have limited access to the installation media, is not an attractive prospect.

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USB woes on a Latitude D830

But now they are powerless to help us understand what is going on. The external hard disk was at least recognized as a Buffalo thing-a-magig, but failed to work.

Still stuck with lots of yellow question marks, reapplying the chipset drivers also didnt work. What do you know, it worked! After chatting with the users support reps and trying a little dead chicken waving with drivers from the Dell website, we decided uninstall all the USB controllers in the Device Manager, reboot the machine, and let windows redetect and reinstall all the appropriate drivers.

USB woes on a Latitude D – Ars Technica OpenForum

I tried copying the driver from a known good working machine and manually creating the keys but to no avail. Gonna try a repair install and see if we can get lucky. Deviec now I’m beginning to worry that the problem runs deviice and that a full format and reinstall would be more appropriate. I just cant believe his own IT guys didn’t overnight him a replacement laptop as soon as the first one started having problems. So this is probably not a hardware problem.

This is a laptop that we have already had d83 dead chicken waving sessions over in trying to get it on our wireless network, which resulted in his IT staff removing it from their domain control and giving him total admin access to the machine so he could bypass their asinine windows firewall config settings.


I reapplied the dell chipset driver package and it got usbb the USB host controllers but none of the root hubs or the generic root hub. Cowboy Ars Praefectus Tribus: Jul 7, Posts: Nov 28, Posts: Now deviice support guy and I decided to try to strip off SP3 and reapply SP2 in hopes that the updated USB support will overwrite whatever is hosed with the current install. Thu Sep 11, USB mice and keyboards work fine though.

r830 Rebooted, tried again with the dell driver package, no luck, just lots of yellow question marks for unknown devices. When we go to customers sites for this kind of high profile work, there is at least one fully capable backup machine on hand and another back home ready to ship out if things really start hitting the fan.

For some reason, unknown to me, a Dell Latitude D that belongs to hsb contractor working in our building has decided that all USB storage devices are verboten!

On reboot, the new hardware found wizard popped up but failed to find drivers.