Some are needed to learn how to program using Arduino, some using Raspberry Pi. Thats, what I expect you to need for the project. I have heard of it, this language before but I had no opportunity to learn it during my first 2 and a half years here. Ouch, then it is a very tricky and very steep start It would be much appreciated if you guys can check it out.

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Some are needed to learn how to program using Arduino, some using Raspberry Pi. Nonetheless, thank you for the sources.

If so, then get that design to work. I too will be needing help from professionals like you guys to clarify some of my doubts if I have some.

Altera DE2 Project lcdlab1

I hope I got them clarified. Please tell me what I can use and what I cannot use from her codes? If any of aktera guys could help me design a basic code to display a number to the LCD would really give me a jumpstart. Yeah I do know that I’m going on about this blind. As for me, I have some knowledge of C languages as I have learned it since the start of year 1 but in alternate semesters.

Altera DE2 Project lcdlab3

And using a hardware description language needs a profound, or at least non-trivial knowledge and experience in digital electronics as well.


Is it for the same hadrware platform?

She did a 24hour format clock. On the other hand, is a code describing output some characters on a LC-Display not very far away from, resp. Contact — Data privacy information — Advertising on EmbDev.

Even in case you where presented a code, you will not understand it nor being able to “reverse engineer” it if you do not have any knowledge and experience, at least with simple singleton cases. However, I am not convinced of your course of action. I would say, you should start very earlier: It would be much appreciated thank you. A good survey about FPGAs a,tera all may be found at https: It’s natural that, in the beginning, the amount of details seems overwhelming and unmanageable.

You didnt mention the receiving part of the project the part, which receives the information to alteda displayed but if one assumes that being a simple rsinterface for instance with some protocol, a state machine for byte decoding and line llcd and another one for the protocol will suffice.

LCD Controller

It would be much appreciated if you guys can check it out. Theor Guest Posted on: This requires at least a grade of knowledge which covers the issue at a level which allows one to lay alteta ground. Thats, zltera I expect you to need for the project. Some combinatorial logic which may sum up to some amount and at least one state machine probably a combination of state machines is more appropriate to that project. If you want to receive reply notifications by e-mail, please log in.


However, I wish you success. Watch this topic Disable multi-page view.

Altera DE2 Board Resources

Hi Lothar Miller, Here are the files you requested. Searching for similar topics I’m just ‘lucky’ to get a project to work on VHDL. It could, for instance, mean that your task definitely includes acquiring knowledge about VHDL, in which case, simply posting code is a kind of help you cheating or that you, for whatever reason, missed the courses.

I am having some troubles starting the codes, as I have never done anything in VHDL, so alteera is basically my first time. Though, often people answer to questions like yours by posting code.