I remember when mouses had balls. You can make basic elegant models that don’t cost too much, have no fantabulous features, but appeal to mainstream users with old ball mouses, and tempt them to upgrade. Now works with Windows!!! Logitech claims that this makes the mouse less sensitive to different surfaces and that it improves accuracy because it’s never in a situation where data is lacking. But you can pick the difference when you use it, if you whip it around fast.

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Getting into the Dual Optical is refreshingly easy. Logitech’s Dual Optical MouseMan. Its scroll wheel’s got a subtler, less positive feel to it as well; which you prefer is a matter of taste. Aus PC Market doesn’t sell these products any more click here to see their current mouse-related productsbut you can still try a price search at DealTime!

These are official company reps. Double barrelled If this mouse looks a bit familiar, it’s because Logitech have used this shape of casing before.


Logitech’s MouseWare software senaor, similarly, be had for nothing from here. Which is more than can be said for the other two mouses in this comparison. Buttons and Switches Unlike most gaming mice these days, the MouseMan isn’t cluttered with unnecessary buttons.


Different from other MX mice, Larger and more hand-filling Length of cord: It is comfortable for long minutes moyseman gaming in the latest titles like Microsoft tm Minesweeper. Which of these three would I use?

Genuine Logitech Mouseman Optical Dual Sensor Mouse M/n M-bl63b A37

Our simple rules, follow them! Logitech claims that this makes the mouse less sensitive to different surfaces and that it improves accuracy because it’s never in a situation where data is lacking.

Personally I use a G5 and am very happy with that. It tracks just fine, and it’s as skip-proof as the v3. And if the cable dies inside a year, us Power Users just get a replacement under warranty.

Logitech MouseMan Optical Dual Sensor review : MouseReview

Logitech mouseman optical dual sensor dual sensors provide superior tracking, noticeably better than on my G Thanks to this button, not only is the Dual Sensor fit for fps and moba; it is also a rising star in the world of mmo mice. Here, for your delectation, are one example of the first strategy in action, and two examples of the second.

Ergonomics The MouseMan doesn’t choose a grip for you. On the down side, the Wheel Mouse Optical’s sensor can’t keep up mouse,an you flick the mouse really quickly; it just hops a bit and the pointer stays more or less where it was. If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review.


But no right-hander is likely to be particularly annoyed by either. The MouseMan Optical is really a game changer.

The third button on the left is easy to reach and can always come in handy. If you want to stock an office with mouses, you could do a lot worse than shell out for optixal crate of these.

Microsoft Optical IntelliMouse Page The new model Explorer is held together logifech four screws, all under the feet, as sensod usual. Ordinary opptical computer mouses were, overwhelmingly, opto-mechanical, with a rubberised ball and little rollers that collected crud.

If you look past the dual-sensor hype, there’s definitely nothing wrong with the MouseMan Dual Optical, and you may well prefer it to the Explorer 3. In fact, the Dual mouse can be used on any kind of surface – even a translucent grey plastic folder with a slightly raised grid pattern on the surface did not hinder its performance, although its rivals threw in the towel.

Want something even weirder? But we didn’t mind. I can’t really recommend anything but it now that I’ve used it myself. Intellimouse Wireless Explorer Page