All transactions made by the user through on-line booking will be available in “My itineraries”. Since testing every value is impractical, a few values should be chosen from each equivalence class. The maintenance includes three set of activities. A test case is a set of sequential steps to execute a test operating on a set of predefined inputs to produce certain expected outputs. When the client wants to perform the functionalities in another system and see the result, a method in the remote system is invoked from the client. Passengers are requested to be familiar with the availability of counters at service originating places and the time at which tripsheets are generated to ensure that they get adequate time for cancellation of tickets.

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Operational feasibility must determine how the proposed system will fit in with the current operations and what, if any, job restructuring and retraining may be needed to implement the system. Java is used in this application to create JavaBeans.

AbhiBus partners with KSRTC for Online Bus Ticket Reservation System project

Help Center Find new research papers in: A unit is the smallest testable part of an application. JavaBeans is a software component that can be inserted seamlessly into a larger software environment.

The end deliverable is the product itself. OR email ID and transaction date.

New Franchisee Procedure

In case of partial cancellations, if number of passengers after cancellations reduces to less than four, group discount for all seats will be withdrawn. Failure occurrences are documented carefully and forwarded to the test team. Refunds to passengers will be given normally in 15 working days, ksrtf the receipt of e-mail.

Unit testing is typically done by software developers to ensure that the code they have written meets software requirements and behaves as the developer intended.


A printed version of this agreement and of any notice given in ksrtd form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

In addition to the regular engagement with the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, AbhiBus has deployed unique time-slot-based bus ticket reservation system for pilgrims visiting Sabarimala. The system is implemented by finishing the project with the help of appropriate tools that been suggested and are loaded in to the server.

Depot Details Adding Depot Depot name, code, unit Depot name, code, unit Information officer, stationmaster, officer, stationmaster, 3.

AbhiBus partners with KSRTC for Online Bus Ticket Reservation System project

A database is a collection of stored data organized in such a way that the data requirements are satisfied by the database. So it is easy to develop and debug the system. In case of partial cancellation, the seat no. Structured process Structure permits decomposition of a large system into small, manageable units with well-defined relationship to the other unit in the system.

Also provides the facility to reserve tickets by online. KSRTC is not responsible or liable or otherwise have any obligation to you for any loss, damage or expenses incurred directly or indirectly due to non receipt of the SMS for any reasons whatsoever.

On first use, a JSP document gets compiled into a Java byte code and can be easily ported from one platform to another. Tickets booked through master franchisee counters have to be cancelled through respective master franchisee counters only.

Since this system is ready to use in the organization, this system operationally feasible. In this project, my aim to maximize my effort to computerize it accordingly that meet the entire passenger needs have successfully completed my project work on KSRTC ticket reservation system and the whole system has been done with sample data and output obtained is according to the requirements.


On the basis of the feedback provided by the evaluation process the organization in order to keep its system at the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency of course within cost constraints must respond by taking corrective actions. Physical characteristics include names of people form and document names or numbers, names of departments, master and transaction file locations and names of procedures.

For proper implementation the plan is a pre-requisite and is known as pre-implementation activity. Each function in each abstraction has a single well-defined abstraction. The resedve summary of the tables and fields are displayed in a table format and the respective heading of the table are printed in bold font. Special training programs have been designed so that the administrator can work well in the system.

KSRTC users can now reserve bus tickets through AbhiBus – Tourism Breaking News

The hyper link HOME is provided for instantly loading the home page from any page. The customer defines validation with a simple definition and validation succeeds when the software functions in manner than can be reasonably accepted. In addition to this important advantage, Data Source objects can provide connection pooling and distributed transactions, essential for ksrtv database computing. JSP is all about generating dynamic content; content that differs based on user input, time of day, the state of an external system, or any other runtime conditions.

Viewing Depot Details 4. Techniques changes with technology, economic condition and social concerns, but the fundamental principle does not change.