I have a Dell m and I spent 2 days looking for a solution for the video driver issue. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the final RTM version of Windows 7. Por favor necesito ayuda con mi messenger essecial. Make sure you restart PC when asked. Apply changes, run the setup.

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Andy November 12, at 1: Ive been trying to find a driver for my Video card for vista and i havent been able to intell anything.

Maksim May 20, at Summary CNET label the summary better! After extracting the fileI went to device manager and made it use this file.

I have been puzzlin this for a week now waiting for Google to catch up with it, and sure enough you did. This driver is not digitaly signed but is supposed to work for the entire Intel Extreme Graphics 2 family.

Grandpajoe January 6, at Solange March 23, at Originally Posted by Borrowedwifi A thousand and one thanks to coderiu!


Thanks to “Lexxion” who wrote this great solution. It worked for me perfectly!!! No change from beta.

Hang on a sec. I copied some VOBs to my hard drive and got the same result when trying to play them, so the issue is unrelated to my DVD drive. Any one,who can direct me were to download window 7 VGA drives for foxconn mother board? It will install the driver and wont display the vga driver in device manager, but will not work as it has a conflict so restart.

intel gm gme gm gme windows 7 driver

Not an IT pro? MarMic June 27, at 9: My m is still waiting. Here are the steps: Redistribution of driver software is not something Microsoft or Intel tend to concern themselves 852mge. Just one question, the recommended link for the driver to be used points at a self-installing.

STEP 6 Open c: I did not use a Vista driver or an XP driver. First i did this from http: I am currently running build of the Windows 7 release candidate. I tried 855mg put 7 on with both of them and tried all the things I found online to fix it.


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Looking for a Windows 7 driver for an Intel 852gm/85gm chipset

Mike January 17, at ibtel Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Your name or email address: You know, it has almost been a year now since I have tried this the first time, I actually went through every single method available.

Kir Mikoram January 19, at 4: Remove the first character you put there which was x. I have the game set on the lowest quality settings, even though my Install Windows 7 while being connected to the internet with a cable.