Do not forget to remove the tape from the cartridge. The time now is Basic terminology Application software: Refer to the example below if you need help completing this step. To install memory expansion modules Make sure that the printer is switched off and that neither the power cord nor an interface cable is connected. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET’s great community. When reloading polyester film, place the writing surface face up; make sure the left pinch wheel is correctly aligned with the left edge of the plotting media.

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HP Computer Museum

Application software means the software from which you intend to send plots to your printer; for example, a CAD system, a graphics package, or a desktop publishing system. Driver for Microsoft Windows 95 and 3. Replacing TB driver board’s driver chip.

Focus on what is used today. Well, I did need to set up a “save to file” location. Entry for an HP printer on a serial port djet: To load roll media, start with step 1 below. The HP Designjet printer is supplied with two black cartridges one is a spare cartridge. Software and accessories Use the information in the table below to decide if you need to install and set up any of the software supplied with this printer or that are available as an option.

Install the firmware in your printer. I haven’t used it for a few years and now with a new PC loaded with XP software I need a driver for it.


By default, the language is English.

For example, from the command line of a shell, type:. Connecting the printer directly to your computer Decide whether to use the parallel or serial interface. Choose your driver disk sread the instructions on the label, and follow any printed instructions accompanying the disks.

Press the up or down arrow until the display shows the type of media you are loading if you are using regular printer paper, scroll to Opaque bond; if using coated paper, scroll draffmaster Coated paper ; then press ENTER. Just do deaftmaster following six steps and skip the rest of this document Connect the power cord and switch on.

Signgo has no driver for draftmaster and even when you can get one you can’t add it because you can only choose of their own list. All application users need read and write permission for this directory, so you must be a superuser to perform this step. Check it out, There is a demo there for sure. If you do not know whether your application sends PostScript R files to the printer and therefore whether the printer may require the PostScript Upgrade Kitconsult your application software and its documentation.

Load a black drafting pen in stall 8 of the pen carousel.

Glad you found it useful. If dravtmaster front panel display says Reseat cartridge sthen remove the cartridge and insert it again. Set up the printer You should already have unpacked and assembled the printer, following the Assembly Instructions in the box.


HP DraftMaster I, II, SX, RX and MX Plotters – Plotter Calibration | HP® Customer Support

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Hello, You can contact the guys from plotterwinkel a dutch plotter company. Keep hair, jewelry, clothing, and foreign objects away from the printer mechanisms. If it does not have a paper cutter, use a sharp blade or another cutting device. If necessary, install the driver on your computer. Inspect the printer itself and the above accessories. Press down lightly and push the cartridge away from you until it snaps into place.

Set up the printer.

HP Draftmaster Plotter

Probably won’t be able to do tight spacings or tiny pads but basic boards should be possible Do not touch the stainless steel strip that runs the length of the printer behind the cartridge carriage; its edge is very sharp. Since, your product seems to be older, look at legacy side of support.

You must assign a name to each printer or printer managed by the print spooler.