Value 2 Side Print 0 Default: For information about the format for the date, refer to “Date Format” P. E-mail Backspace Moves the cursor back to delete one character. Text quality [0] Default: Fax Signal Method This method employs a Fuji Xerox proprietary communication procedure that is only for use with specific machines that have the Relay Broadcast feature. Environment Proper disposal is required for drums and toner cartridges no longer needed.

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When a trouble occurs in the hard disk.

The following shows the reference for each operation. After printing, deletes the document.

Trays 2nd and 3rd Buttons Allows you to directly select the desired tray. Optional Output tray Receives output sheets. Main features of CentreWare Internet Services are listed below. If the user is the owner of many items when a large quantity of documents is left remaining within a mailbox for examplethe deletion will take a considerable time. In the screen displayed during scanning documents with the document feeder with specifying Collated, [Next Original] is selected. Related Information Sources We provide the following guides for optimum usage of the machine.

Originals Head to Head Select this item when the front and back faces of the document are in the same orientation. Fuki give us inquiry!!!



All User Accounts Deletes all information registered for each user. You can also assign a screen to a stored program button, to use the button as a short-cut to the screen.

The Edge Erase feature allows you to erase such shadows. Select All Selects all documents. Receiving Faxes Receiving Faxes There are two reception modes: A4 full-color dpi with standard compression: Page 34 1 Before Using the Machine Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that this notice is preserved.

Delete Deletes the Private Charge Print document.

To use the [Scan to Mailbox] feature, select [Scan to Mailbox]. Bates Stamping Allows you to specify a prefix string and the number of digits to be used for page numbers. Switch off the product promptly and contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. The print language received from the print driver is unsupported by this machine. To change the setting in such a case, delete the existing address, and re-register a new address. Passcode Length for Stored Job Set the minimum number of digits allowed for a passcode between 0 and 12 digits.

Fuji Xerox CT – ///// – Archer Copier

Common Settings Auto Print Set the time period to start the next print job after finishing a copy operation. Address Book 5 Scan Address Book You can specify the server name, user name and other information from the address book. Layout Adjustment Binding Erase Erases the shadow in the center of facing pages of a bound document. On the screen, you can select stamp text from eight options, or from the user-defined text strings that can be specified in the System Administration mode.


DocuCentre-II 5010 Drivers & Downloads

When the relay station ID is “00” The machine searches through job flow names that were registered upon each job flow creation.

Features Overview In the [Settings] dialog box, select [Every visit to the page] or [Every time you start Internet Explorer] for [Check for newer versions of stored xsrox Page 20 1 Before Using the Machine In this guide, the orientations of originals and paper loaded in trays are described as follows: Proxy Fuuji and Port Number The following describes proxy server settings and a port number required for this service.

Trouble during Printing Cause No paper for the specified paper size.

The Tray 5 Bypass cannot be selected.