If there are other things you would like to see added or better yet, would like to add yourself , please contact linux-bugs nvidia. For a list of possible mouse types, see the ‘–mouse-list’ option. This consists of changing the display driver to “nvidia”, removing the commands to load the “GLcore” and “dri” modules, and adding the command to load the “glx” module. Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. If no X screen is specified, then the attribute value will be queried for all valid targets of the attribute eg GPUs, Displays X screens, etc. Similarly, the Display Devices cat- egory for a screen contains all the enabled display devices beneath it.

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This option forces stereo flipping even when no stereo drawables are visible. Use this option to override what nvidia-xconfig detects. For a list of possible keyboard types, see the ‘–keyboard-list’ option.

If multiple assign- ments are made to the same attribute or to multiple attributes with dependencies, then the later assignments will have priority. The –post-tree -T option can be used to print the new config- uration to standard out in tree form instead.


For a list of possible mouse types, see the ‘–mouse-list’ option. The command line syntax for querying and assigning attributes matches that of the. A target specification is contained within brackets and consists of a target type name, a colon, and the target id. By default, ‘deprecations’ is set. Set this option to off to prevent the X driver from attempting to connect to acpid.


Effectively, this option just causes the configuration to be printed to stdout as a tree instead of writing the results to file. Typically, if you are using an X. Licensing The source code to nvidia-settings is released as GPL. Only one qualitfer may be specified. The simplest, most common, and least secure mechanism to do this is to use ‘xhost’ to allow access from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings.

Note that an OpenGL application only retrieves settings from the X server when it starts, so if you make a change to an OpenGL value in nvidia-settings, it will only apply to OpenGL applications which are started after that point in time.

You can specify a different configuration file name with the –config command line option. TODO There are many things still to be added to nvidia-settings, some of which include: Specify ‘list’ to list the attribute names without a descriptions.


Only one entry in the list can be selected at once, and the selected category controls which “page” is displayed on the right side of the nvidia-settings GUI.

When the ‘–separate-x-screens’ option is specified, each GPU on freebsd an X screen is currently configured will be updated to have two or more depending on the capabili- ties of that GPU X screens configured.

Therefore, you would not want your config file to greebsd each attribute with an X Display Name. Ensure X server has a read and write access permissions to this file. Specify ‘all’ to list the descriptions of all attributes.


FreeBSD Display Driver – x64

Setting this option will enable the X driver to use the system events in some cases when it is waiting for the hardware. Valid values for “TVOutFormat” are: See the output of nvidia-settings -q all for information on which target types can be used with which attributes.

Details about the options on each page of nvidia-settings are available in the help window. Valid values are ‘none’ do not print nvivia messages’errors’ print error messages’deprecations’ print error and deprecation mes- sages’warnings’ print error, deprecation, and warning mes- sagesand ‘all’ print error, deprecation, warning and other informational messages.

The valid values for an attribute are reported when the attribute is queried.

Assignments are processed in the order they are entered on the command line. X Display Names in the Config File 6. This option is useful to see what nvidia-xconfig will do while leaving the original configuration intact.

There may be cases when you do want attributes in the config file to be rfeebsd with the X Display name. Loading Settings Automatically 4.

The performance level is specified in square brackets after the attribute name.