L1 for Port 1, L2 for port 2. Creating An Ndps Manager Object Macintosh Os X Page 30 BiAdminSelect the desired port from the drop-down list to display the current status of theprinter attached to the port. Job notification at all workstations that you have logged into. Canceling A Print Job

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Queues serviced by this NetWare printer are listed on the left, and other queues on the right. Enter the name of the community. Name of the LevelOne Printer Server can be changed if you wish.

Page 2 Table of ContentsChapter 1 Introduction LevelOne Printer Server Screen 3. Either select an existing printer to use the new port, and click OK.

LevelOne FPS-3001TXU Printer User Manual

Select Start – Settings – Printers to open the Printers folder. Keep the following points in mind: To change this setting: The default is Netprint Print Server. The Printer should no longer be grayed out, and is ready for use.


Remote Printer Mode – Bindery Either select an existing printer to use the The Mail Server must be accessible by the intended clients or users.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your new LevelOne Printer Server. Chapter 4 Client Pc Configuration Unplug this device from its power source before cleaning. UpgradeSame as Upgrade Icon. Click OK to return to the Printers folders, and right-click on thePrinter.

If this does not match the printer driver you are using,install the correct printer driver. Enter the name in the dialog. 3001tcu, after following the advice in these documents, the LevelOne Printer Server still does notfunction properly, please contact your dealer for further advice.

LevelOne FPSTXU User Manual – Page 1 of 95 |

The LevelOne Printer Server supports up to five protocols: ConfigureSame as Configure Icon. Select the Printer List icon. Page 11 3Chapter 3ConfigurationThis chapter provides an overview of the configuration process. Avoid using this product near water.


This also selects the printer object. Page 12 Figure 4: Use only a slightlydampened cloth for cleaning.

LevelOne FPS-3002USB User Manual

If the LevelOne Printer Server’s IP Address is changed, and 3001txuu can no longer print, deletethe port see procedure above and re-install it. This device wasdesigned to provide a simple and efficient network printing solution. OverviewThe LevelOne Printer Server is designed to support many different platforms, and theconfiguration required would depend upon the environment in which it is installed.

Introduction FPS Figure 3: Windows With Server-based Print Queues Windows Peer-to-peer Printing The current queue is displayedon the top of the screen.