For most people though the sound quality is more than enough even with these circuits. Before we move on with the performance tests we have as usual found out the effective clock frequencies on the two motherboards. In 2-channel mode pink is mic-in and blue is line-in. Power bios also gives the user the opportunity to change the voltage for parts of the motherboard, which is very important for serious overclocking. The same thing goes for DualDDR but here the advantages are even greater with the synchronized speeds.

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The included CD contains a multiple number of device drivers and programs. Even if nVidia does not have the same influence on the motherboard market as it has on the video card market the majority of all motherboard manufacturers introduced a motherboard based r8da the nForce2-chip.

Jan 22, Posts: Won’t you please settle this for us. Other hardware which was used in all testing systems. We have switched our testing program for MP3-encodning and now use Audioactive Production Studio which is based on the Fraunhofer II-codec, a very demanding codec which after all gives a good result.

It doesn’t say whether or not it will be enabled in the future. However, the latest nForce2 unified driver package v 2.

I ended up getting an sk7 because I wanted a quiet fan, the high cfm 60 mm fans are at a pitch that you can hear two rooms away. 8rdw the fact that the board actually has four USB2.


Block diagram over the nForce2 APU.


Among the positive parts we see that EPoX left a lot of space around the socket and the “four holes” which ones again shows which market the card belongs in. File auido is one of the more usual jobs the computer gets to carry out and it is a very memory demanding application. I’m gonna hold my breath for that to happen.

During regular usage the south bridge gets very eopx and it is almost as if it stings a bit if you hold your finger for a while on the chip. The chipset cooler on the motherboard is of a bit unusual design and of a passive kind which unfortunately proved to have a multiple number of flaws. The included manual is well made and goes through the physical parts of the motherboard but also the installation of programs and device drivers.

A problem which in some cases can harm parts of the computer is really not something we are especially happy for. Fri Mar 14, 1: SK-7 is out of stock Memory stress testing was conducted by running RAM at MHz and MHz with as many modules populated as possible at the most aggressive timings possible. The biggest problem otherwise is the nice but oh so inefficient chipset cooler which at high FSB-speeds gets very hot. EPoX is one of the few manufacturers who still stick to the old classical scheme of colors which once was used by most manufacturers.


EPoX EP-8RDA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP Overview – CNET

We took the chance to run through some performance tests during this overclocking to se how much of an increase we could achieve.

I’m assuming it uses the MCP-T sound. Therefore, we conducted 24 hours of Prime95 torture tests, ran various Super Pi stress tests, and reran various benchmarks like SPECviewperf 7.

The following demos were run with SoundStorm sound enabled:. For most people though the sound quality is more than enough even with these circuits. A small disadvantage is also the location of the ATX contact which is a problem we unfortunately see on many motherboards today.

The same thing goes for DualDDR but here the advantages are even greater with the synchronized speeds. Works very well and is very quiet. FSB overclocking is however depending on the motherboard and with AMD-systems there are other possibilities to run high bus speeds FSB when the processors are able to be unlocked, in difference to the Intel systems. Ships with the following: Thanks to EPoX for making this review possible!

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