I can not get any picture on my screen. Is platform stability increased by an embedded CPU? Hi, i cleaned up my PC recently. How can I enable deep color with HD Graphics ? I have tried an array of different combinations of memory in the system from 1 RAM stick at a time in each socket, to 4 ram sticks, to 2 AND I have tried all the dim sockets.

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Intel DP45SG motherboard problem (amd64)

Is there any other way i can try to restore this? I have tried different GPU’s to no avail, I have also tried different aahci. I’ve read other users having the same issue, but many of them could recover the BIOS. That seems to me like a high rate of tweaking in a short period of time. No Beeps, no video. And with the soldered CPU, even though they have different models, still a more stable platform for them.

Installing RAID AHCI Drivers without a Diskette Drive

I downloaded the “SetupRST. I just got a black screen so will load the dp455sg message and attach the dump log to my next email. When I plug everything together and try turning it system on, I get 3 beeps-about 2 to 2. Meanwhile, I happen to have a computer with the CPU soldered in, and the manufacturer is F10 now brings up a screen with only 2 of 7 drives and as I said before this morning it showed all.



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Thanks all for your time even just reading this. I do have all the latest graphics drivers dp45s firmware. The following indicates that deep color is supported by HD Graphics So in view of the fact that Intel makes the hardware and software, and they are continuing to produce newer and newer NUC’s, I would expect that they are finding ways to really improve the product with the frequent BIOS changes.

Intel Galileo gen2 SPI pin configuration issue. The Oses installled on the various drives are win 8.

Intel Communities : All Content – Desktop Boards

I have tried an array of different combinations of memory in the system from 1 RAM stick at a time in each socket, to 4 ram sticks, to 2 AND I have tried all the dim sockets. Please can somebody shed some light on this issue for me.

I have tried using the ‘back to BIOS’ switch located by the on board USB sockets, I have also tried the jumper and putting it into recovery state and still Nothing seems to get it working. I found this is not on the compatibility page, so I checked what ram WILL work and then purchased the recommended ram.


Isn’t a “prevent defense” better than waiting for bad things shci happen?

I don’t even know EDIT: I then purchased 16gb of Kingston hyper savage RAM dp45sy. It flashes red and the memory light continues to flash as well and it remains that way until I manually switch off the pc by holding the power button. Duvida Hot Swap Intel dz77gak. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Do you think I will be able to have my data on the Raid5 Array recognized also by the new Z chipset or I might get in trouble with that? I’m completely confused as to what to do.

Are there any chances to lose my data? However this is not the case and the computer just shuts off a few seconds after start up and before that light goes solid. Are you the publisher? All Content in Desktop Boards. I’m going to stick with Windows7 btw for now not interested in windows dl45sg or Am I missing a step?