When the computer reaches the Windows Desktop for the first time, installation of Windows XP operating system is complete. TTGiang Dec 27, at 9: Installing Windows XP operating system I. JohnnyDrama , Jan 21, As far as the drivers, could anybody help me by telling which ones I need to get and if there are there any drivers from other Vaio series that will work on the AR series?

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Start the program 6. Because this computer is optimized for use with Windows Vista operating system, some functionality will be lost under Windows XP operating system. Considera le limitazioni di XP http: NOTE o not insert the floppy disk at this time.

Download the driver file to a temporary or download directory please note this directory for reference. Complete the setup wizard. Sony Shared Library; 4. It is recommended that you keep the C: Because these computers are optimized for use with Windows Vista operating system, some functionality will be lost under Windows XP operating system.

Downgrade to XP on Sony Vaio VGN-AR620E

Audoo the audio-hotfix KB from the AR21M audio-driver directory before installing the actual driver. If anyone has a solution i’m all ears As for the laptop; Fast and nice with XP in raid 0.


Sony Utilities Library if applicable 5. Silent compared to the A series even with 2 harddrives. Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the initial setup of Windows XP operating system.

Click Start on the Windows taskbar, and select Donwgrade Computer. If a Windows XP Service Pack is installed as part of your computer’s current operating system configuration, the new operating system you are installing must already contain at least the same or a higher version of Windows XP Service Pack.

Downgrade to XP on Sony Vaio VGN-ARE | NotebookReview

These processes will alter or delete your existing installation of Windows XP operating system and may delete your personal data files. Sony Notebook Control, 2. If needed, change the boot order so that the Internal Optical Drive appears first.

Insert the Recovery DVD and install all of the applications and drivers. Finish the Windows operating system installation II.

FabrizioJan 20, Important Notes – This driver is for use when performing a clean install of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Not support Dynamic hybrid graphic: Dolby Digital Audio may not work Blu -ray disc: The Taskbar should be clear of aidio before proceeding.


The two other ports are on the right where i’d like to have some room for my mouse Also when typing the cursor often suddenly is placed in another field or a few lines up Frank Brown Jr Aug 9, To check, please follow the steps:.

The yellow exclamation point indicates that the driver is installed but did not load successfully.

Most drivers require that you to restart your computer at the end of the installation. Before installing Windows XP operating system, complete the following tasks: After reading the floppy disk, ensure to select the corresponding Intel Chipset Eg. Not Support Ambient light ajdio If you created any new hard disk partitions while installing Windows XP operating systemyou must format those partitions in order to the use them in Windows XP.