Petty piece Lambton, w. Wemyss, N George R. To the south, in Kentucky and Tennessee, 13 cat- birds was a very high winter count, and two in West Virginia was above average. Common Redpolls staged a modest invasion, and, as was true of Bohemian Waxwings, this marked the 3rd season in row in which they were reasonably common. Myers Beach, Lee this season was likely the same one seen sporadically over several years and believed to be an escapee ph. I , of Ceremonies, William II. John ; George Waller, Charlottetown ; T.

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In New Brunswick at Sackville, St. Jeff Med Coll, The Burgoeshull be blue with a red cross of St. Another reason might be that such species become more difficult to track in areas where they are not quite rare enough to receive men- tion in print. Chnte, Aylesford ; F. Cer- tainly, most of us have come to view bird fallouts not as the product of a uniform mi- gratory wave of birds directed by a single as- pect of weather but as a cross-section of intersecting movements of birds.


Up to 3 Black Brant 2 ads. Paul’s Building, Barrington St.

Fires 1 gun or Bomb rocket and fly’s Canadian Ensign at Fore. As is true of other groups this season, the shorebird list is dominated by species linger- ing much later than ulya most winters. Ruhland, Halifax; G Soc.


A water Montreal, No S. Acknowledgments I thank Simon Perkins for assistance in the preparation of this ulgs, Yann Kolbeinsson for discussions of the Icelandic data, Gunnlaugur Petursson for permission to use his graphics in Figures 2 and 3, Jarrod Santora for permission to use his photographs of the Massachusetts dove, and Chris van der Wolk for preparation of the flat skin.

Grady, Summcrslde ; II. The only unusual peep was a White-rumped Sandpiper in W. High Water, mean time, at Si. Drll in winter in the n. Roberttopped this exceptionally late influx.

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Meigs, Montcalm, Louis E. Occurring [here as follows: The leading total was on the Oceanville, NJ C.

Prince Albert West Thos J. Sarasotawhere about 30 were in flight 17 Jan Tina Mossbarger.

Full text of “North American birds”

The latter location also hosted a Greater White-fronted Goose 1 Jan ph. Mav H Septuagesima Sunday 2!


Although we experience fallouts as singular experi- ences, they are surely composed of multiple components; radar ornithology has begun to unravel some of the complexity of bird movements, especially during nocturnal migration.

Great Kiskadee is a larger bird with obvious ru- fous in the wings and tail. Bishop Alexander died, Uobell, ” ” Charles Fitzpatrick, Solicitor General.

McKcnzio, KconomyII. Golden Eagle at the St. In all other cases the National Ensign of tlie Country to which the Warship belongs will be hoisted half way out on the lower yard. White- During the s, the Smooth-billed Ani population in Florida began a steady decline; causes for this crash are a mat- ter of speculation, but ulba series of strong cold ula may have been responsible for at least some of the local extirpa- tions see Mlodinow, S.

Woodbury, Halifax ; Geo K. The Changing Sea- sons.

Morse is most likely the result of local stocking.