It also creates Db2 packages, if the automaticbind value is YES. The SQLJ command runs without connecting to the database server. Customizes the serialized profiles. To maintain two versions of a package, follow these steps: When you bind the packages, you need to specify the following bind option values:

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Using a customized serialized profile at one data source that was customized at another data source: Reduce the development cycle: Online checking determines information about the data types and lengths of Db2 host variables, and is especially important for the following items: The translator uses the directory structure of the SQLJ source files when it puts the db files in directories.

Supported drivers for JDBC and SQLJ

The default behavior is to bind the Db2 packages. You can do that in one of the following ways: Context caching that is enabled by the -db2optimize option can provide performance benefits over connection pooling and statement pooling that is provided by WebSphere Application Server.

Support for distributed transaction management. Because of the native code, their portability is limited. If you specify one or more file-name.

When you run the new version of the program, Db2 loads the new versions of the packages. You can run db2sqljcustomize slqj produce a customized serialized profile for an SQLJ program at one data source, and then use that profile at another data source.


Binding a plan might simplify authorization for the application. Drivers of this type are generally dependent on d2 native library, which limits their portability. You might need a different qualifier for unqualified Db2 objects on each of the database servers.

DB2 11 – Java -Binding SQLJ applications to access multiple database servers

The list is a String value that is a comma-separated list db22 schema names that is enclosed in double quotation marks. When db2sqljcustomize runs, it creates a customized serialized profile. You cannot use connection sharing in WebSphere Application Server if you use context caching.

A serialized profile name is of the following form: Customizing and binding profiles for Structured Query Language in Java D2b applications Simplify the process of customizing and binding SQLJ profiles for your applications by performing these functions in the administrative console or with scripting. Improve performance by using static SQL statements.

The advantages of developing applications with SQLJ include improved performance and a shorter, more efficient development cycle. Type 3 Dg2 that use a pure Java client and communicate with a data server using a data-server-independent protocol.

Installing the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ

If Db2 cannot determine the length of the host variable, it might do a table space scan instead of an index scan. The default behavior is to do online checking. Using the -collection parameter: The general steps for enabling access of an existing SQLJ application to additional database servers are:.


The system is not storage-constrained.

Ensure that you do not overwrite your original serialized profile. The number of packages and the isolation levels of those packages are controlled by the -rootpkgname and -singlepkgname options.

A serialized profile file for each connection context class that is used in an SQLJ executable clause A serialized profile name is of the following form: The type 2 and type 4 connections can be made concurrently. When an SQLJ program is executed, the driver uses the collection name that is stored in the customized serialized profile to search for packages to execute.

Translate the source program to create a new serialized profile. Do this by using the same values for -rootpkgname and -collection when you bind the new packages that you used when you created the original packages.

Letting db2sqljcustomize generate package names is not recommended.