And doesn’t this problem also apply if people on two different laptops are working in close quarters? It just wouldn’t work when my WEP encryption was enabled. I hope this helps anyone else looking for a fallback plan. Hi, My thanks as well for a great write-up on this. But my laptop is nearly 3 years old and still works like a charm, so I guess I can’t complain:

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Download D-Link DWL-G122 rev.B1/C1 Wireless LAN adapters Drivers and Software

I wouldn’t know if the one I’m getting is a Rev B or C since it was on sale. I’ve been having a problem with my DWL-G Now, when I reboot or return from sleep, my connection automatically fires up.

Guys, I understand security for your networks, and broadband speeds. Install the driver, and restart the computer when prompted.

I have never had a break in using this type of security. Download the Ralink driver from their drivers page.

Download D-Link DWL-G (rev.B) USB Adapter Driver for Windows ME, Windows 2K, Windows XP

A lot easier than trying the previous jumps through the hoops [ Reply to This ]. Apple gets what it pays for Review: Your dongle lights must be flashing by now.

Now you’re ready to go back to your unwired computer that wants to connect wirelessly. I guess the problem doesn’t come from the dongle itself, but rather from re conflict with certain configurations.


I downloaded the lasted driver for Of course, if you are using a closed network, you must enter your dongle’s MAC address see label on the dongle, look for “MAC ID” under the Access Control tab, like you would do for vwl-g122 computer you want to give permission to access your wireless network.

The following comments are owned by whoever posted dw-lg122. Any tips for the D1 version? Anything to keep this PowerBook alive! So, now I have uninstalled its’ driver and reinstalled the old DWL But I quickly was disappointed: His solution is to use the Asus WLG wireless accesspoint.

Xris on Oct 11, ’06 After a short moment for me, it takes about secondsa weird green icon should appear in the unnamed column next to the SSID column, meaning you’re connected to the Base Station!

BorgMac [ Reply to This ]. Thanks for dwl-g12 the old DWL-G thread from a year ago and for the excellent summary!

Well, that is, if I can get it to work. I almost went with the DWL-G and your hints but it looked a little too iffy for the non-technical users who would be using the iMac.

It may take a few seconds, but your wireless network and all others within range should appear under the Site Survey tab. What’s New in the Forums? Clicks don’t always register, the icons remind me of Windows 3. And ‘yes’ you can spoof MAC addresses, but you would need to know the list of MAC first, and WEP can be cracked; I did it to all my neighbors, so I could get their attention to change their channels to keep the noise down.


In Apple’s Dd-link help, they say this length enhances compatibility with non-Apple computers, and I suspect that, when you use a WiFi dongle, the AirPort Base Station has problems recognizing that a true Mac is trying to connect to it!. Luckily, changing your encryption to WPA is easy.

This may be of help if any owners are suffering random disconnections: Feels like a flakey driver, but it does the job for me. And doesn’t this problem also reev if people d-ink two different laptops are working in ddwl-g122 quarters? When fully rebooted, connect the dongle.

I’ve tried everything I can think of.