There are currently 0 users logged in. Resources Glossary Links Reviews Screencasts. The forums are currently unmoderated, meaning all postings will appear immediately after submission. The CSUSB is now on the low end of our recommendation list because it uses dated MHz non-interference free frequency and the built-in USB soundcard is a little bit gritty on the low-end of the vocal spectrum. Did this solve your problem? SwyxIt was closed during installation.

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Please note that this is not an official support forum of Swyx Solutions AGbut instead a privately owned and driven website. There are currently guests browsing this forum, which makes a total of wincows using this forum. Preacher87 Replied on October 12, Please note that the uzb of the old forum wasn’t moved, but instead became a read only archive for all times. Just to give you an example, I had a client that was using an external USB hard drive for backup and restore to two different computers.

References Plantronics Device Plantronics Device.

I had exactly the same problem, exactly, the first headset was bought by my university as part of a package to support a disabled student as I have no hand use. The installation of this package requires administrative rights at the system.

Please click here to head over to the new page. Particularly with USB ports, this is the only method that works. We have one user who used his CS60 with XP without problems. Newest development in German law defines online forums as journalistic content, making the forum owner and all posters to journalists. Obviously the most common is plugging that microphone into a USB port that does not have a dedicated hardware interrupt assigned to it.


You are currently watching the archived read-only Swyx Forum page. Hi Preacher87, Did you purchase the new c6s0 from same or cs660 manufacturer?

The last option is to remove the headset from the cradle and simultaneously push the black wheel at the back end of the microphone inward towards the microphone element while holding down the silver button for approximately 8 seconds. This is what the Knowledge Base says about it: He has to answer his calls by clicking in the Swyx It software.

Good to see I am not preaching to the choir alone, in all seriousness I’m really sad that another individual got lumbered with this pathetic product. Resources Glossary Links Reviews Screencasts. This thread is locked.

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The bottom line is always simply unplug a non-functional USB device and plug it back in. As far as this device being used in Windows 7, I have no experience, after quite a few years of sitting on my shelf, it is all covered with dust.

If you find any error code, please post back. If this turns out windoows working due to massive abuse all forums will switch to moderated mode, meaning a posting must be approved after submission my a moderator before appearing.


Plantronics CS60 headset not working in Windows 7 (64).

On the second computer Windows simply wouldn’t recognize it until I had her turn it dindows, unplug it, reinsert it into the USB port and turn it back on. Thanks for the help! I tried finding it for you but I think I’m not smart enough to use the search: I read this thread http: Please see further windoqs including the responsible person for the protection of minors and direct contact data in the Imprint.

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On a different W7 system and it produces the same problems. You can use any language you like except for the project forums but keep in mind that by using english you will reach the largest audience.

Plantronics CS60 headset not working in Windows 7 (64). – Microsoft Community

The Swyx Forum webseite does not provide any such content and underlies therefore not this disclosure. Note that we are not absolutely certain what causes the problem but we’re fairly certain about the solution and that’s the important part 2.

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