To modify an existing view, double-click a node of the view you wish to modify, or right-click this node and choose the Alter View command from a context menu. Click Install to continue. An article describing this procedure can be found at the Citrix website. Fixed InternalConnection to not use session. These differences can cause problems if not properly handled.

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This button needs to clear text from the text box. You can either specify a complete database, including user name and password, or you can build a basic DSN and use Crystal Reports to set the user name and password.

MySQL :: MySQL Reference Manual :: Connector/ODBC Programming Examples

Run the application again. The MySqlDataAdapter object has two main methods: Certain malformed queries would trigger a Connection must be valid and open error message.

One SetDataSource statement is needed for each table in the report. This property is deprecated, you should use ‘profileSQL’ if possible.

Chapter Connectors

You need to use “localhost. Socket sets the name or location of a specific socket or Windows pipe to use when communicating with MySQL.


Instead, connection pooling allows the idle connection to be used by some other thread to do useful work. Also, the grid view does not appear at all. The database specified is the one created in the first step.

Once the connector is odbv, you can use it to create, modify, and delete connections to MySQL databases.

When linking to tables in Access and generating links to tables programmatically, rather than through the table designer interface, you may get errors about tables not existing. You should also try issuing the statements from the mysql client program or from admndemo. In the Database tool bar, press the Insert Database button. The data source must have a persistent identifier, the Data Source Name. Click the Provider tab. You can now examine the database you created to store membership information.

To select multiple options, add together their values.

Right-click an empty space in the model design area. The first operation in this example is to open the connection.

The collections can be broadly grouped into two types: When I try to use batched statements, the excution of the batched statements fails. Fixed Bug mysqlcommandbuilder fails with multi-word column names.


Plesk Hosting

Again, this property can be set directly or through the MySqlScript constructor. Now store this information in your profile by clicking Store Profile. If jysql are testing connectivity to localhostuse You must install the files onto a drive with an operating system and you may be limited in the choices available. It is however not recommended to install these files in a nonstandard location. This displays the Foreign Key Relationship dialog.

On the Start menu, click Control Panel. The user connextionstring call RefreshSchema if any of these properties are modified, or if the SelectCommand itself is replaced. Begins a database transaction. A lot of my compiles I use the 32bit release so it works on all systems, even though I have cohnectionstring 64bit machine. Generally a DSN consists of the following parameters:.