Rapid Prototype Rapid Prototype is a service bureau based in Michigan which Retrieved 26 January The expansion has also helped China Unicom to drive improved spectrum efficiency and reduced costs, and has positioned the carrier to migrate to an all-IP, packetised network. At present, the Company is enaged in the wireless telecommunications business both GSM and CDMA in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China through China Unicom Corporation Limited, the provision of international and domestic long distance calls, data and Internet services, and other related telecommunication value-added businesses. The company runs two networks side by side, a GSM network that was completed in and also a 2.

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Roaming problems used to be one of the major barriers facing CDMA’s rapid development in the world.

China Unicom – China – Wireless Frequency Bands and Device Compatibility

Although to put things into perspective China as a whole has nearly million subscribers early figure according to the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry MII. China Unicom Hong Kong. The network was established across China in two further phases since late All Rights Reserved E-mail: Retrieved 25 August Nearly all of the major players involved have some Chinese domestic involvement and have actually set up Chinese subsidiaries to aid in obtaining contracts and carrying out the work in a reasonable timescale.

China has one of the world’s second largest number of mobile subscribers behind the USA with Archived from the original on June 13, In China Unicom became one of the pilot project of the mixed-ownership reform of the state-owned enterprise of China, which saw the decrease in ownership of the Government.


China’s population totals approximately 1.

Before yesterday’s linking up or roaming agreements, these firms had separate networks, which limited usage to inside the countries or regional boundaries. Archived from the original on China Unicom has also been active in video communications, employing Polycom to install the world’s largest IP video communications network, covering cities in China, in two phases from to cmda of 22 MGC systems as well as many hundreds of video conferencing terminals.

We are pleased to have participated in the negotiations and to have successfully concluded this agreement which will be of great benefit to all parties involved. CDMA has the advantages of providing cfma voice transmission quality and less radiation and would also smooth the transition to 3G at a later date. InChina Unicom plans to implement a nationwide CDMA digital mobile communication network, in order to provide better mobile communication services to consumers using CDMA technology.

Since the company announced its deployment of CDMA technology, the country has become the most attractive place for telecom equipment vendors as China is expected soon to surpass the United States as the top mobile market. China now has more mobile phone lines than it has landlines. Unicom would like to caution readers about the forward-looking nature of some of the statements in this press release.

China Unicom Telecommunications Company -, China

In turn, China Unicom H. Almost all major cellular infrastructure providers were involved, and multiple small contracts have been placed over the years. The services were offered ccdma between 10, and 20, people in each city including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, China’s three largest cities. The phase three expansion was undertaken to boost subscriber capacity by an additional 15 million.


Rapid Prototype Rapid Prototype is a service bureau based in Michigan which China Unicom, the country’s second biggest fdma telecom operator, yesterday displayed its leadership role in the code-division-multiple-access CDMA world as it signed agreements with 13 other mobile operators linking their networks together. The company plans to enter the entertainment media business and will provide various services including music downloading, photo downloading, mobile cdmaa gaming, mobile phone mailbox and mobile phone internet access.

News of This Week.

The company has also introduced ‘voice SMS’ which allows subscribers the alternative of saying and hearing short messages instead of writing them. China United Telecommunications Corporation Beijing UnicomChina’s second largest telecommunications company, has used a whole host of suppliers to do just this. China Unicom’s network is made up of every supplier’s base stations, switching centres and software.

Further services such as high speed data networking and WAP are being introduced for this purpose.

The company will play a leading role among other operators and influence decisions of many carriers in the region,” said Paul Jacobs, executive vice-president of Qualcomm, the major patent owner for CDMA technology. According to Wang, “U” stands for Unicom while “Max” is uniicom from the words maximum, maximal and maximize.

Archived chhina the original on 4 June Reducing the number of large contracts will ensure that China Unicom will gain the capacity for a further 4.