Not from it from a real speaker Hell it can even be battery powered.. Basically everyone’s gone from shared communal content to personalised content that’s chosen by us for ourselves. ASI does not warrant secondhand or gray market product. Joined Feb 24, Messages 6, Likes 3, Location uk, taunton. Johan was there as usual. There will be no warranty extension on product in this category.

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Pretty neat app for controlling many parameters: Won’t youthen have to revert to the lowly touchscreen to control things?

You might be disappointed amir but they are not for you or at least not being marketed towards your demographic.

He usually does a superb job of demonstrating KEF products but this was an exception. Now no ones intrested, is plenty and a decent sound bar type speaker is all they want. Desire to learn and share knowledge of science required as is 20 years of participation in forums not all true.

Come here to have fun, be ready to be teased and not take online life too seriously. We log all serial numbers into our database as of the date they ship. Happy members who like to discuss audio and other topics related to our interest.

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Who wants to have power cords. The product is warranted to aurioscience original purchaser when purchased either directly or through an ASI authorized reseller.


In 5 years we are going to see digital fully integrated into a coherent playback system that comprises of a pair of speakers and little else. Achieving a in room fidelity real world that’s on qudioscience with anything you can have have now out of a pair of stand mounts regardless of cost.

Forums New posts Search forums. The RMA number will be valid for 30 days after it was issued. More men are a little more tech enthusiastic, than audiophile bonkers. All network products are currently repairable. You know the ones amir.

He was using audkoscience Amazon echo as the source, streaming compressed music using voice control. The lounge with the big tv and Xbox You find it too loud.

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Ah, this is precisely how ‘real’ humans would aspire to use this product and 45001 can fully understand why it’s being demonstrated in this way. This warranty will be VOID if the serial number has been removed or defaced; or if the product has been altered, subjected to damage, abuse or rental usage, repaired by any person not authorized by AudioScience to make repairs; or installed in any manner that does not comply with AudioScience recommendations.

Thread starter amirm Start date Jan 8, Hope audiowcience have some here soon. There will be no warranty extension on product in this category.


Warranty & Repair

This database is the master log for warranty reference. ASI cannot be responsible for any physical damages to the product due to poor packaging. Not from it from a real speaker Great that it can by voice-controlled but that doesn’t seem to me to be the most 401 way to interact with an audio system.

You play say at 85 dB average with peak of dB. Out of all the people I know at least 8 this product used 450 this way would appeal to them, these are the normal folk not obsessive well not about audiowho want the largest music library Spotify and the most fun and convenient play back Amazon echo.

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In the 70’s my dads freinds all had hifi’s or wanted one Coverage of New York Audio Show. Will these things hear you through the music? It is called “beam forming.

Thomas savage Look into my eye.