With games, audio adds vital subtle clues as to your enemy’s whereabouts and actions that visuals just can’t do. Windows will then assign the audio to the most suitable audio channel. Click the ‘Enhancements’ tab and this provides a number of genuinely useful real-time effects. Consumers also want the ability to play back two different audio tracks simultaneously, such as a CD and a DVD, which can’t be done using current audio solutions. Preview Download View 0. Add in the number of media players, decoders and codec packs with the fact you typically want external amplifiers to do the decoding and it can get very confusing.

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Zero trade offs whole-home 4K When used in conjunction with suitably robust cabling options guaranteed to support max bandwidth MHUB MAX delivers centralised whole-home 4K multimedia with zero audiovisual performance trade offs. In this type of setup, where the AVR for the multi-channel room is located with the sources and matrix itself, one solution is to deliver the audio to your AVR via alternative connectors to the HDMI where possible.

Another cause for confusion is when it comes to DVI, technically DVI isn’t designed to carry audio, however it is pin-compatible with HDMI and if those wires transmit the correct digital audio and video data, no-one and no-device would be the wiser with it all working seamlessly.

If you’re enjoying a film that uses one of these soundtracks and are using an external amplifier then you’ll want it to pass through auddio audio, so it can be decoded externally.

But with integrated sound offering eight-channel audio, digital optical and coaxial on top of HDMI audio and HD input at bits at up to Dgital — what more do you need? If this setup is located away from the room with multi-channel speakers fitted, say an under-stairs cupboard, there are solutions to keep IR control of your AVR that we can help with. This is an important step in getting audio to a point where it “just works”—users won’t need to worry about getting the right device plugged into the right audio jack.


You may need to dig out your motherboard manual for a complete pin-out. Essential Knowledge To understand how multichannel 5.

How to set up your PC for great surround sound | TechRadar

Things will depend on integrsted location of your equipment and the number of AVRs. A major inspiration for writing this feature has been the amount of emails we get from readers regarding problems they have dolbg with HDMI audio. If you’re running a 2. This audio format will be sent over the Cat cable to each display location. Preview Download View KB. Double-click this and, while the interface is somewhat more complex, it offers the same base settings as Windows does, from Room Correction to speaker selection.

Intel® High Definition Audio (Intel® HD Audio)

So PC Format is here to cut through all the connectors, cables, standards and settings so you can get the best sound — surround or not — from your PC for ear-pleasing games, music and films. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. You should click and run through ‘Configure’ at least once, it tells Windows aueio many and how the speakers are set up.

Buy HDanywhere Signal Manager.

ALCS-VD – リアルテック

A final area to be aware of is how the audio is decoded and piped off the PC, with music, gaming and films being handled in subtly different ways.

With better speakers connected to their computers, the limitations of current computer sound subsystems, whether integrated or add-in, can degrade the overall digital experience. If a stereo TV is then turned on and the matrix then set to send the same source going to the AVR to the TV, the TV will be unable to play back the multi-channel audio.


Windows will then assign the audio to the most suitable audio channel. Consumers also want the ability to play back two different audio tracks simultaneously, such as a CD and a DVD, which can’t be done using current audio solutions. Preview Download View Ever since the GeForce 3xx and Radeon HD 2xxx series sported integrated sound cards the audio has to be ‘injected’ into the signal by the graphics card. Do not switch toggle the switch from no.

This is a limitation of HDMI itself. Using a microphone it will tweak the delay for each surround speaker to enhance the surround effect for the room and speaker positions.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Technically, the audio and any control data is transmitted in the horizontal and vertical blank periods of the video signal.

Someone had the bright idea to use a cable even though it was perfectly possible to redirect the sound digitally, and would lead to people without CD audio.


Preview Download View 4. You don’t see people having issues using the latest car, they just put the petrol in and go. It also introduced some of the issues we still find today, particularly in how PCs have to juggle the many different sources, codecs, DRM issues and new digital destinations for audio.

Newer audio and video encoding and decoding algorithms also enable a higher-quality listening experience.